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Product Assurance


  • We offer 100% Authentic Original brands or full money back guarantee.
  • Unlike others, FLYPPD hand checks each and every product with minute detailing before listing for sale.
  • Products are shot & listed by us and not by the sellers to ensure the product is 100% original, high quality, free of wear and tear to mark it fit for sale.
  • We maintain, shine and polish the product before it's shipped to you so we can fulfill our promise of giving you super value for money.That's what BRAND NEW SECOND HAND stands for after all.
  • In rare cases, after you place an order if for any reason we find the product is not up to the mark, we will inform you, cancel and refund the product amount + the shipping charges in case of advance payments

  • What is A.MRP? - Approximate Maximum Retail Price
  • Why A.MRP? - As it is difficult to know the exact MRP of a previously owned product, we offer you an approximate price as to how much would it retail currently with the product checkpoints. Our strength lies in our merchandising team who have immense experience in the fashion industry to evaluate and price a product according to the brand, style, condition, amongst many other checkpoints.
  • Lastly, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase feel free to raise a return request and it shall be taken care of :)
  • Again, if you have any doubts before placing an order or queries about the product just message/call/email us and we will help you with all your concerns